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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

It was my dream to come to Kenya, meet local people and work as a volunteer. That's why I chose to work with Imani. Cliff obviously decided to share this experience with me, so we both arrived at Imani Babies Unit on last July. We worked on group 2, with 10 babies from 8 to 13 months. We also spent a day in Imani B.

Before leaving France, we collected school supplies, sporting equipment and games around us (from our town, our family, our friends, our works). We brought two big humanitarian bags that we had the luck to offer to the children of Imani A. We also played with the games and used the pen and notebooks we brought with the children of Imani B. It was a great moment, the children were happy and we too !

We'll keep each moment spent with the Imani family in our mind and heart.
We really felt like we were in a bubble of sweetness in the middle of slums. Sanitary conditions are good and the children are generously fed and loved. We stayed in an appartement in Imani A where we were treated as royalty, by affectionate and protective people.

There is some work for a whole life in the orphanages. We could count the number of bowls of food we gave, of nappies we changed, of noses we wiped, but not the number of smiles, hugs and love we shared with the children.
We are very lucky to have been so close from these smiley, joyful and full of innocence children and to spend so strong moments with them.

It was of course very hard to leave, but we feel rich of amazing meetings and we are full of hope for them, because we now know that they have a good life which waits for them.

Imani family really has a huge open heart... Asante sana !

Posted By: Virginie and Cliff
It was ten years ago when I fell in love with Kenya. I was only ten years old, but I knew that I wanted to go back some day to this place. And I did. Ten years later, at the age of twenty, I was absolutely ready to go! This year would be a totally different kind of holiday. Instead of going to a sunny place with nice beaches, I decided to go to Kenya and work as a volunteer at Imani for five weeks. A wish came true!

My first day at Imani was unforgettable. As soon as I walked in, the kids ran up to me and wanted to cuddle and play. All the little, happy faces around me made me smile and gave me such a good feeling. I really enjoyed every day at Imani. The ‘aunti’s’ who are working at Imani and other volunteers will tell you what to do and they appreciate every little thing you will do for them. They are so thankful for you being there to help them and they are so kind to you. As a volunteer, you have a great variety of duties and not a single day is the same. During my stay I did a lot of things. I helped with dressing the kids in the morning, gave them breakfast, lunch and dinner and, of course, I played a lot with them. The kids love the attention and I loved to see their happy faces. One day I went to the medical center because the babies needed a check-up. This was such an experience and it was nice to know that the people from Imani trust you enough to let you go to the medical center. I have done so many great things.

Imani is a great organization. The people work hard, they love the children and give the kids an opportunity to make something good of their lives. They really appreciate your help and everything you will do for Imani. It was such a beautiful experience to me and I am so happy that I got this opportunity!

If I ever get the chance, I would go back! It would be so nice to see some of the kids again and to help Imani. The one thing that touched my heart the most was the realization of a heartbreaking thing that becomes so heartwarming. All these kids have something in common: their parents did not want them, or were unable to take care of them. This thought broke my heart. However, Imani saves them and gives every single one of the children food, a shelter, education and – above all – the love they need. This is so heartwarming. You have to see the happy faces with your own eyes to fully understand me. But believe me, it is worth it!

If you have always wanted to go to Africa or do volunteering work, please help Imani! Imani takes good care of the kids but also of the volunteers. You will get food, a place to stay and you are able to see something of Nairobi, for example the Masai Market. Not only will you be able to help out Imani in the best way a person could, this impressive experience will most definitely help you to develop yourself as a person.

You will go back home with a bag full of memories, life lessons and counted blessings after you had an amazing time in Africa.

“Where there is love, there is no pain.” –Imani.

Posted By: Nienke

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