This is the mother Centre. It is located at Soweto market in Kayole. It was established in 1992 and later registered in 1993.

It is the main administration Centre for Imani organization. It can hold up to 90children in the facility of both genders. The population of children in this facility is between 8 years of age to 17years of age. In this facility we host children who have chronic illnesses and with HIV AIDS this is because of we have an in house clinic within the facility.

At Imani A we also have the office of the financial administrator, the senior social worker, the administrator and office of the operations in charge. This facility is conjoined to the babies unit.

The facility runs on 24hrs basis due to the specialized care the toddlers are given round the clock.

This facility also has an early learning Centre establishment where the small babies between 2years and three are taught general things to initiate them in the learning process and to assist them to communicate with other people inside and out of Imani.

Children from this facility exit mostly through adoption.

This facility was established in 1996 at Kayole Matopeni near the Kayole police station.

It’s the biggest in size of all the Imani Centres and it can have up to 100 children at a given period.

This facility hold children between 3 years to 12 years of age and they each stay in a family unit in the Centre. Currently there are existing 5 family units and there are a proposed 5 more units to be put up.

This facility has a farm with goats, cows, chicken, ducks and rabbits for our internal consumption and also as activities for training children in life kills. We also have a few kitchen gardens for growing vegetables.

This facility is situated at Oloolua area of Ngong in Kajiado County and it takes care for abused children and children of imprisoned parents where after a short time they are reintegrated back into the community.

It was established in 2005 initially for boys in high school but later abused children were taken in. This home has lots of activities in counselling and guidance and a lot of court travels. It has a maximum capacity of 60 children of up to 18 years of age.

This facility is located along the Malindi Mombasa highway approximately 15km before Malindi town in Kilifi County.

It was initially started as a holiday project for the Imani children where they would travel to during the December holidays.

This facility takes care of all vulnerabilities and also hosts a number of children with special physical and mental conditions because of the warmth in the region.

Majority of the children in this facility are school going and the maximum capacity is 120 children. It has a farm and a kitchen garden for life skills training for the children

This is situated 2km away from the Santon stage from Santon area of Kasarani in NairobiThis facility hosts boys and girls who are in colleges and universities. These are above the age of 18 years and they have minimal supervision as they are being trained to mingle with the community.

It’s a small facility that can hold up to 12 persons of either gender. It was established in 2009.

This Centre was established in 2005 and initially it was set up for boys in colleges and universities. Later it was changed into a facility for empowering young teenage mothers of Kibera. It is still being refurbished for greater services.

Its located 200 metres away from the Kibera chiefs camp.