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Our History

  • 1992 Open or Close

    The 1st day of April 1992 was the birth of a haven specially meant for the destitute and unwanted in the society. Here they would be received with open arms and equipped with enough skills so as to fit within the society. This was an initiative of a real philanthropist Ms Faith who sacrificed her passion in fashion and design to ensure that a child in need got a roof, food and shelter. The centre began with 15 street children rescued from the city of Nairobi. The path she decided to follow was so uncertain; a life which was surrounded by many challenges and discouragement, she had the courage and positive attitude to fulfill what she had already realized in her and for all.

  • 1993 Open or Close

    By 1993, Imani was working with orphans, and children from desperate families in Soweto slums in addition to the street children. At this time the number of children under Imani custody had risen from 15 to 91.In 1994 Imani children’s home was registered under the ministry of culture and social services, Home affairs and National Heritage. In the same year, Imani started networking closely with the community and acted as a bridge between the slums and the streets.

  • 1995 Open or Close

    In 1995, there were so many streets and slum children living around the scenes of Imani Home. It is in the same year that Imani’s pioneer felt a great urge to extend the facilities to reach more needy children which led to the birth of another branch in 1996 at Kayole Matopeni slums to reach out for the street groups who were doing all sorts of juvenile crimes around the area. In 1999 Imani received their first abandoned baby which resulted to the setting up of a babies unit to address the emerging plights of abandoned babies. On average Imani has rehabilitated over two thousand children and currently we have 350 in house children who are benefitting from our programmes.

  • Present day Open or Close
    Presently, Imani is made up of seven different centres which cater for vulnerable children as per their needs. The environment provides physical and emotional support, spiritual nurturing and lots of tender loving care. We encourage and give hope to each and every child and we assist them to know that God loves them and that He has a plan and a future for them. With the right help and committed support we help these children turn their lives around.
  • More Open or Close

    Over the years Imani has steadily grown both in size and quality moving from an individual initiative to an organization based structure. It presently caters for 350 children including babies from one day old to 18 years (abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children and those neglected. Imani strives to help these children understand that being orphaned or vulnerable is not their identity by offering a Godly home, a loving and a family environment. We identify, develop each child’s unique and special talents, teach, transform and train the children through education and mentorship. We believe that every child deserves the best start in life and a chance to fulfill their potential we therefore support them, stand up for them and bring out the best in each and every child.


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Baby Abigail was born with a condition called Cerebral palsy.  She has suffered arthetosis and spastic cerebral palsy. Due to the condition, this has complicated to knocked knees deformity. She also has an internal rotation of hip joint which has also completely affected the muscle coordination of the hip joints which has led to poor coordination of the body.

The baby has also flat foot and invasion of angle joints which has also made it difficult for her to stand on her both flat feet.

Christine Wambui was brought to Imani at the age of 2 years. Christine was born with bladder extrophy whereby urine oozes continuously in form of drops through the ‘bladder opening’ at the umbilical cord area. In August, 2007 she underwent a successful reconstruction surgery at Bambino Gesu Hospital. Since then the child has been experiencing complications and she is required to go back for further medical attention which has not been possible due to lack of funds.

Grace Imani is 7 years old and has burns on the face and fingers that were inflicted on her at the age of 6 weeks. Due to the burns on her face, her vision is impaired hence she is required to go to Italy for a laser eye surgery to prevent any possible impairment or blindness in future.

Edwin Junior was referred to Imani Rehabilitation Agency from Nairobi children’s home at the age of 2.He is now 6 years old and is visually impaired, has hearing loss, has mild autism and is also dump. He is required to undergo an eye implant and also needs acquisition of a hearing aid.

Maxwell Mburu suffers from both upper and lower limb defect. He went to Italy in the month of January 2014 at Orthopedics outpatient clinic of children’s hospital Bambino Gesu, Rose, viale di san Paolo 15, for specialist assessment and the doctors recommended knee operation as he requires knee caps to help him walk.

In May this year he was admitted in hospital and completed his first phase of treatment successfully. After being examined, the doctor recommended that Baby Maxwell should stay in the hospital for further medication and treatment. It is important to note that we have held two fundraisers in 2014 and 2015 respectively so as to raise money for his treatment and upkeep while in Italy. We also received funds through pay bill, cash and bank contributions but all were spent in the hospital. Maxwell is able to walk now but he is required to go for a checkup after every 3months until he turns 18years of age. His medical costs, accommodation, upkeep and cost of flight   are so high hence the request for your support.

Charity Wanjiru was brought to our attention on the 24th of May 2004 after the passing of her both parents. She is 11 years old having physical disability and one blind eye. She also has autism which is at the second stage. She is in need of treatment and an eye surgery.

Baraka Imani who is 2 years old has hydrocephalus which is shunted and has delayed developmental milestones in; head control, sitting, standing and walking. This is accompanied by high muscle tone and poor eye-hand coordination. In order to facilitate his rehabilitation, Baraka requires:

Continued Occupational Therapy Services

Assistance devices that is, -Back slabs (for weight bearing)

                                          -Sitting/Standing Aid

                                          -In future he might require more devices as need arises



Imani employees: Requested to contribute a minimum of sh 50 every month
Imani Alumni: Requested to contribute a minimum of sh 300 every month



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1107082021


For international donors: