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Imani News

Imani News



Walking from Imani Soweto to Meru Town

Hello Our Friend!

As you know, most of the children with special needs are grown up now and since they can’t be adopted or fostered anymore, they need a special home. So we decided to open a home for the children with special needs and the differently abled that are now considered too old for children’s home.

It will be a home in Malindi with rehabilitative services for their special needs (therapy, medical assistance, and other necessities). At the home they shall be able to spend the rest of their lives in a dignified manner surrounded by love and affection.

To finance this project, we are walking from Nairobi to Meru, a total of 224km! We are therefore kindly inviting you to be partners and sponsor us by buying a kilometer for the walkers. One km is KES 3,400. The table below elaborates further on the correlation between the distance and the price.

Please help our beautiful children get the home they deserve!

Every contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Paybill Number: 555200/imaniwalk
Bank Account Number: 1107041333


Distance KM

Amount KES

1/4 km


1/2 km


1 km


10 km


100 km



Imani Walk for the Differently abled

Imani proposes the establishment of a home in Malindi for the special people in Kenya. The special people will include persons-including children- with disabilities (physical, visual, hearing and mental disability) and the old persons who are destitute with no known responsible relative.

To raise funds to establish the home we as Imani family has organised a fund raising walk from Nairobi to Meru. The walk will commence on 11th August 2018 to 19th August 2018.

The objectives of the walk is to raise enough funds to establish the home as well as creating awareness to the entire nation on the need for care for the destitute, orphaned and abandoned persons with disabilities.

We are therefore kindly requesting for your participation,sponsorship and partnership in the walk so that together we can make a difference for the special people.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Imani Family

Donate to Keep an Imani Child in School! 

Currently at Imani Rehabilitation agency we have 234 children in the education program from pre-school to the tertialy level. The children regardless of their background and vulnerability deserve an equal opportunity in life and education is an effective way of closing the inequality gap. Imani being a non profit depends enterely on donations from individuals, groups, churches, families and (though not limited to) companies that assist us in caring for the children under our care.

our children require With schools re-opening this January 2017 school fees, school uniforms,and  stationery. We the Imani family are thus kindly requesting for donations that would support our children in going to school this year. Your assistance will go a long way towards ensuring that the children will have an equal opportunity in life.

Cash Donations can be sent via Mpesa Paybill No: 555200

KCB Bank Account No: 1107082021

For International Transfers


IBAN/Account Number: 242632488

Name: Imani in trust for ICHS, Nairobi, Kenya

Alternatevly you can visit our main branch in Soweto Kayole  or any of the other branches of Imani within the country.

God bless you as you donate to this noble course!


Imani Family

Imani children dancing at the partyOn 12th December Imani Rehabiliation Agency held her annual joint christmas party which doubled up with a graduation party for one of our sons. The event was suceessful and our children had a wonderful time. Thank you very much to all Imani Friends, stuff and the entire Imani family for helping us bring Christmas cheer to our children.

Thank you very much God bless you all. 

On September 2016 the Mtaa Safi na Imani project was launched with the aim of cleaning the slums within Kayole Estate. To achieve the above Imani teamed up with local groups to clean the area. We have been cleaning daily dilligently for the past 4 months. Currently we are planting tree along the Masimba Soweto Road.

As the holiday season is arriving, expectations in these young hearts are rising. For most of the children under our care, Christmas has never meant much, since they have not had a family to celebrate with or a gift to look forward to. Our staff strives all year to provide them with support in terms of entertainment in order to boost their morale and develop them mentally. However, as Christmas arrives, we have our hands full with managing the basic needs of these children and providing them with more happiness than they have acquired during the year.

It is in this regards that we wish to humbly request for your presence on 12.12.2014 for Christmas celebrations with Imani fraternity from 12:00pm. We also seek to food raise for the centres to cater for our food budget for the year 2015. Your help will put a bigger smile on the faces of these beautiful children at Imani centre through fun and playtime.

We wish to convey to you the tremendous life-changing moments your kind support will make it happen for children in Imani.
Thank you for your attention and we hope for your contribution to our organization.We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Please consider our invitation with deepest gratitude.

Yours faithfully,
Imani Fraternity


Imani in its own special way continues to give care, hope and support to children who are vulnerable in one way or another. The abandonment of babies has reached a crisis level, from the outside the situation can see grim, depressing and insurmountable. We cannot possibly make a difference in the lives of all abandoned children of Kenya hence we continue our efforts because we know that we can make a difference in the life of every child who comes through our doors.



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