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  • Community Outreach Activities Open or Close

    Through working in close partnership with the community and the department of children protection centre, we receive information about children abandonment and neglect. Through extensive network with the local authorities we manage to provide appropriate interventions to such children and put emphasis on the importance of children living within their family units.
    We also offer extensive support services to walk in clients who are faced with diverse life predicaments such as tabooed children, unemployment, terminal illness and broken marriages. Among the cases we provided food baskets and situation management alternatives such as referrals, counseling and temporary shelter, education and maintenance support.

  • Parental care & Guidance Open or Close

    By offering a loving and a family environment, Imani strives to help these children understand that being orphaned or vulnerable is not their identity. We also identify, develop each child’s unique and special talents, teach, transform and train the children through education and mentorship. The environment provides physical and emotional support, spiritual nurturing and lots of tender loving care.
    In order to optimize the rehabilitative component in working with our children, we have counselors who undertake sessions with the children through group sessions and on a personal level.

  • Health care Open or Close

    Imani endeavors that each and every child receives medical care in the event of sickness. Due to the vital medical attention needed for fragile immune systems, there are care givers who work in rotation caring for the children day and night. Imani also gives extensive care to its 5% HIV infected and 5% handicapped children.

  • Education Open or Close

    Quality education is one of the most important steps towards reintegration to society and has a dramatic impact on our children’s future. Imani plays a vital role in meeting this fundamental right to children under its care.

  • Reintegration Open or Close

    Some of the children within the Imani centres have known parents and their being in Imani is sometimes due to vulnerabilities which result to the child being placed within our care as the parents find a means to support the children. These children are housed temporarily as they are being prepared for reintegration with their families. This is achieved with time where activities involving extensive case work, group work, community assessment, field visits, follow ups and collaborations with major external institutions are conducted.

  • Adoption Open or Close

    Imani strives to place children into well-screened and suitable homes whilst also keeping within the ethos of the society and adhering to best practices and the best interests of the child.

  • Foster care Open or Close

    This is temporary care given to children who would have normally been living and struggling in the depths of poverty and isolation and through this program will be able to lead regular lives, interact with other children, be valued and invested in as integral assets for the future.



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