Bring Care For Abandoned children

We Care for Abandoned Children

Our vision

A society in which all children will be able to live a dignified existence with equal and just access to future opportunities in life.



CHILDREN HAVE A RIGHT TO EDUCATION - EVERY CHILD. At Imani, all children are given the best opportunities to School.


WE CARE FOR ABANDONED CHILDREN. At Imani we take good care of our children especially their Health.


EVERY CHILD NEEDS A LOVING HOME. Imani is a loving home for more than 350 abandoned, orphaned or neglected children in Kenya.

Ongoing Campaigns


Milk Campaign

Buy one Tin of Nutristart and help feed our children
Food - One day sponsorship

One day Sponsorship

Sponsor an Imani child for a day @ Kshs. 350 / $4
wedding - birthday

Donate a birthday

Come and celebrate your birthday with our children

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